With my current peace of mind, I’m enjoying my new adventure – Joyce Blessing


After many years of working hard in the gospel music industry to entertain Ghanaians, Joyce Blessing who was formerly signed onto Dave Joy music record label had to start all over again after quitting her matrimonial home with her manager cum husband.

Joyce Blessing speaking with Amansan Krakye in an interview on GBC Radio Central was asked how she’s coping with her new experience of starting afresh.

“The experience is very good for me and I’m 6 years in this industry and I have handles that have great following but due to some issues I have to start all over again. The very day I dropped my flyer on my new Instagram page unbreakable Joyce Blessing I had over 10K.

“Now I’m not under any record label, I’m doing things by myself and with the support of my crew. So far so good because the peace of mind that you’ll get to do the work is very important and now I think I have my peace of mind and God has been good to me”.

Credit: ghanaweb


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