HOLY SMOKE Idiots ‘BURNING 5G masts’ after conspiracy that ‘radiation sparked coronavirus’ is spread by celebs

**FEE WARNING Picture set 125 pounds per online publication. RE-RUNS 80 pounds per online publication. PRINT FEE: 250 pounds minimum. PAGE ONE CONTACT COPYRIGHTER FIRST. VIDEO: 75 pounds per use per online publication - Moving Footage with relevant desk** Pic by SnapperSK - (Pictured: A 5G communications mast in Tyseley, Birmingham which was set alight on Thursday evening resulting in severe damage. Pic taken 03/04/2020) - A conspiracy theorist who is convinced people are not dying from COVID-19, but actually 5G radiation has set up a league table goading people across the UK to set fire to the communication masts. James Heath from Blackpool, Lancashire set up a Facebook page called ‘5G TOWER FIRE COMP’ as people set light to masts across the country on Thursday night. The man made a league table pitching neighbouring areas against each other as he posted content when new fires were posted online. He even posted a guide on how to burn the high towers down, by dangerously using a Super Soaker and petrol. One mast targeted was in Tyseley in Birmingham and showed significant fire damage at both the base and the top of the tower. Firefighters had removed the access panel, revealing the fire damaged cabling inside the 5G Three Mobile equipment. The top of the mask was significantly damaged, with charred exterior revealing exposed fibres underneath. Mr Heath had previously posted a video of himself visiting Blackpool Victoria Hospital. He was not there to visit a relative or to get treatment, but to investigate if people were being treated for COVID-19. He filmed himself saying: ‘There’s no sick people, wake up, do not go into these hospitals and take a vaccination because I tell you now, if you go into these hospitals with the ‘coronavirus’ and they inject you, you will die.’ Mr Heath said he spoke to a doctor at the hospital who allegedly said there were ‘no sick people’. The league table he set up had several different towns and cities with ‘goals

The myth was quickly debunked after the World Health Organisation confirmed there were thousands of Covid-19 cases in Africa.

The government has also confirmed there is “no evidence to suggest that 5G has anything to do with Covid-19”.

Celebs have been slammed for sharing the conspiracy theory, including Jason Gardiner and Callum Best, who posted similar claims that 5G can impact the immune system.

But the claims have still been doing the rounds on WhatsApp via a lengthy voice note – with phone masts now being set alight in the UK.

Engineers are now also being targeted with social media users encouraging each other to destroy the masts in a Stop 5G Facebook group.

Credit: the sun


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