The National Democratic Congress (NDC) should never and I reiterate never dream of ruling this Country again if they do not reconsider their ‘unthinking’ decision of allowing Former President John Dramani Mahama to lead the Party in the December polls and the subsequent polls.

John Dramani Mahama is a thief, Nation Wrecker and has nothing better to offer the people of Ghana.

First and foremost, In the year 2016, John Dramani Mahama paid some men to purloin my political party.
These persons were detained and bonded but on 14th February, 2020 held a press conference in the name of my political party to register their sentiments on the New Voter’s Register without my knowledge.

Secondly, John Dramani Mahama
and his brother Ibrahim Mahama have a very big unlicensed concession in Hunni Valley Darman where they mine gold every blessed day. By virtue of the power vested in me, I will make sure they cease operation.

Last but not least, the rationale behind the NDC’s lawsuit against the EC boss Jean Mensah is to rig the December elections.
Failure by the EC to get a new register will help them push those Togolese whose names are in the old Voter Register to vote for them. Therefore, my special aide Olumanba and I have decided to proceed to court to stamp-out their lawsuit against the EC.

Lastly, we are also working on a video footage of the multi-Billion mansions John Dramani Mahama embezzled State funds to build.
The video when ready will be premiered on our facebook handle, Akua Donkor TV.

Source: dailytvnews

For more information, call Madam Akua Donkor on 0209424678

Written by Olumanba Akwasi Kesse (Special Aide to Madam Akua Donkor)

Signed by: Madam Akua Donkor (Founder and Leader of Ghana Freedom Party)


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