Lady runs away from a massage session after she got too aroused


This our slay queens on social media would want to try everything they see their fellow ladies do just to impress.

A video fast going viral sees a young lady who had visited a spa to get a massage for herself running away because she was getting aroused and couldn’t take it any longer. 

The lady was wrapped in a neat white towel around her as it is done everywhere and lied on the table for the routine to begin.

No sooner than the masseur started the process she started feeling ticklish and just giving out some funny sounds. 

The Masseur who realized what was happening was heard telling her that he would take it slow on her. 

Watch the funny video below: 

Warning to our slay queens if you can’t control yourself don’t try going for a massage from a guy wai….lol

Credit: Ghpage


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