“Kanzo” upgraded to different name “Scorched Rice”, now selling at $7.58 in USA


“kanzo” is a term in Ghana used to describe the hard sometimes black sticky part of cooked rice (the under of rice). 

It is enjoyed by most people in Ghana and people specially request it when buying from food vendors and it is given free of charge. 

“Kanzo” is very popular among students in Ghana. It has become like a savior for people who can’t afford to buy expensive rice.

It’s astonishing that this “Kanzo” that is not really regarded here has been rebranded outside Ghana and is selling for $7.58 in the United States of America(USA).

Ghpage.com has sighted a photo making rounds on social media. In the photo, the “Kanzo” is well packed with a price tag of $7.58 and with a new name “Scorched Rice” boldly written on it.

Check out the Photo:

What is less regarded in Ghana is now expensive elsewhere. Value what you have else someone will quickly rebrand it and make sales. America and Branding lol!

Credit: Ghpage


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