Pregnant woman runs mad shortly after she was dropped off from a car


A pregnant woman of about thirty years has gone mad shortly after she was dropped off from a car in the early mornings around 8 am in Imo State capital Owerri, Nigeria.

The car that dropped the woman was suspected to be for two yahoo boys, their names are yet to be traced.

Her behavior, when she was dropped off as per the observer, pulled in sympathizers who had a go at offering her petitions to restore her mental stability however without much of any result. 

According to an observer’s report: “She was dropped off by some unusual young men in a vehicle, she began acting oddly and we speculated she may have been used for rituals as she was not having her underwear on and she attempted to liberate herself from the sympathizers who held her,” 

The pregnant woman was later taken to a close-by chapel for assistance in prayer to deliver her from any spiritual bondage since observers around thought she may have been used for money rituals. 

Credit: ghpage


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