Israel Laryea reveals how much he charges for shows


Broadcast journalist and MC Israel Laryea has over the years cemented his name in the media industry as one of the best Newscasters the country has ever produced.

One question many people in the media and entertainment sector tend to always dodge is how much they charge. Even though some are ready to disclose the amount they charge behind the camera, others tend to keep it secret.

Well, 3FM presenter Giovanni Caleb recently pulled a fast one on the Multimedia newscaster as he made him reveal the amount he charges for hosting a show.

Giovanni who has for some months pranking people on radio acted as staff from the “Year of return” Secretariate, convinced Israel Laryea that his services were needed for an international show as part of the Year of Return and would want to know how much it would cost the secretariate to get him onboard.

Israel, sounding positive about the deal, mentioned $5,000 after all expenses paid.

Watch the video below:

Well, every human being gets excited at the least opportunity and when the big ones come your way, it becomes very difficult to reject especially when you get the chance to be selected among many professionals.



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