Feli Nuna reveals her top 10 female artists in Ghana


Musician Feli Nuna has made some very new revelations in her most recent interview with showbiz blogger Ghkwaku.

The “I like am” Hitmaker who recently parted ways with her label has stated that, the media must support female acts in a more positive manner instead of focusing on their bodies and beauty.

She said; ” They like it when we show our bodies and all but when a male artist releases a song, they go like, oh wow this guy de rap o, he’s good. But i’m actually a very dope rapper”

She further added that, event organizers should put more female artists on shows to perform.

She said, “We’re pushing really hard and i feel we the female artists should collaborate more”. She afterwards mentioned her top 10 female acts in Ghana.

The musician is currently promoting her new single “Azumah”. Watch the full interview below….



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