‘I Give You 7 Days To Apologise To Mercy Johnson Or Your Son Will Die’ – Actress Angela Okorie Gets Death

A die-hard fan who is obviously hurt by Angela Okorie’s revelation has threatened the actress to apologise to Mercy Johnson or he would lose her son.

The IG user took to Angela Okorie’s DM and wrote; “Angela hmmm you have bite the wrong meat accusing Mercy Johnson of attacking you spiritually i give you seven days to go back and apologize for your lies or else your son will die.”

Yesterday, actress Sonia Ogiri shared a sad story of how Mercy Johnson maltreated her when she began her acting career. According to her, Mercy was greedy and selfish and she did not want to pave way her for her.
Adding to that, Angela Okorie, noted Mercy Johnson did worse than that to her and after that attacked her both physically and spiritually when she confronted her on that.

Following that revelation, Angela Okorie has received a death threat from an unknown person, giving her a week to apologise or she loses her son.

Responding to the death threat, Angela wrote;

Only if you know how many alters 
I have raised for God 
Only if you know who my son is
Before he was conceived God knew him 
May death visit your full generation 
Any gathering that is not of the lord 
They shall scatter 
You evil spirit may you drink your own blood and eat your own flesh

Any coven that my name and my sons name has been mentioned 
Holy ghost fire destroy you all
In the sea 
In the air , in a native doctor’s shrine 
Oku monso gbagbuogi 
Be destroyed and removed from the surface 
Of the earth,
Since you wish my son death 
May your generation be closed

My sons is the future president of this country 
My son breathes with the life of christ 
He died when God died 
God himself gave him that life 
He shall not die 
He will continue to make me and the world proud Amen,
No peace for the wicked 

Any witch hovering around 
Blood sucking demon 
Die now in Jesus mighty name Amen
I am untouchable 
The lord lives in me , my son , my household 
Is covered with the blood of Jesus Amen.


How it All started! 

Sonia Ogiri in an Instagram post she titled ‘healing process’, shared her bitter experience with Mercy Johnson who she accused of hating her for no reason.  
The mother of one said her journey into Nollywood began after her marriage to her ex-husband crashed. Recounting how she met A-list stars on debut movie, Sonia said it was all good till she met Mercy Johnson.  
According to her, Mercy did mean things to her including refusing to ride in the same car with her for no reason. She further claimed that the Kogi born actress asked movie crew members and her friends not to talk her on set, passed snide comments when she was acting and also told movie producers not to give her movie roles. 
She wrote; 
Healing process

Hey sis @mercyjohnsonokojie I think is time to talk about all the pain you inflicted on me all this years in order for my healing process to take 
place. .
I hope MOTHERHOOD have changed you and you now understand when a mother wants to make her kid or kids proud of her tomorrow and just like you were overwhelmed by the love people showed you on your birthday, I hope you show/act true love towards people too.
I Needed to revisit this so as to get it off my chest cos holding it in all these years felt like I was imprisoned and it’s about time set my free. .
Ps Tell your fans not to come for me cause you and you alone knows I’m not lying . Have a great day

Angela Okorie also backed the claim made by Sonia Ogiri. She alleged that Mercy Johnson did worse to her and even fought her spiritually and physically. 
“She did worse than that to me and I confronted her and she started fighting me spiritually and physically, oil dey my head small small witches no reach Abeg” she wrote. 



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