Afia Schwar asked me to film her whilst she was being fingered by lesbians- Tornado reveals


Controversial Ghanaian actor Nana Tornado has launched a fresh attack on her former close friend Afia Schwarzenegger.

This time around she made an alarming revelation about Afia Schwarzenegger which has gotten social media users very interested in the matter.

Whilst speaking to Ameyaw Debrah in an interview, Nana Tornado revealed that Afia Schwarzenegger is a lesbian.

He alleged that Afia Schwar has been banged by women in her own before and he was fortunate to see it when it happened but did not want to disclose it anywhere.

Nana Tornado cited that these women who banged her uselessly are workers in a restaurant which includes waitresses, caterers and chop bar operators.

The loud socialite added that Afia Schwar herself asked him to film them when they were in the act.

Nana Tornado also disclosed that top pastors and prophets have slept with Afia again fires up with a new secret.

“Afia Schwar knows that she is a senior lesbian. It is chop bar girls and waitresses who work in pubs are the ones she sleeps with,” he revealed.

“She sleeps with them in her car while I look on physical so she should not dare me otherwise I will spill more issues,” Tornado added.

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