An Artiste Like Me Cannot Expire; I Don’t Need To Feature New Artistes To Stay Relevant- Okyeame Kwame States The Obvious


There have been several collaborations between old artistes and the new crop of young musicians. People already feel there is an emergence of these because some of the old musicians want to ride on the newness of the young ones to stay relevant and we have seen quite a few of such situations. Nonetheless, The Rap Dacta says he is not part of those people.

Okyeame Kwame who has already featured KiDi and Kuami Eugene on his Made In Ghana Album says he has built his brand so well that there is no room for expiry and he is not far from right. Kwame says he does not need new talent to stay relevant and he rather does them good to be great when he features them.

“When I feature young artistes, I am rather offering them the opportunity to be great and not to use them to revive my brand. An artist like me cannot expire. I have established a brand so strong that I cannot die out, not to talk of using up-and-coming artistes to resurrect my brand,” he told Showbiz.



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