Ebony Reign’s lookalike resurfaces-shares stunning photos online


Even before Ebony Reigns died on 9th February 2018, there were many ladies who surfaced and looked just like the late dancehall queen. After her death, many more popped up and they made waves all over social media for one reason or the other.

Among the many Ebony Reigns lookalike which Ghanaians saw, one person stood out. Akua Kyeremanteng was her named and the resemblance she shared with Ebony Reigns was something else. She even had the chance to meet Ebony before she died.

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Besides her resemblance with Ebony Reigns which made her center of attention, he huge backside also captivated Ghanaians and made went viral as soon as she surfaced.

Ebony Reigns

Along the line, Akua Kyeremanteng vanished from social media after she was accused of using the name of Ebony Reigns for fame.

She got into alternations many times with several Ghanaians on social media and that was the last time many heard of her.

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Well, it appears Akua Kyeremanteng is back online and she came with a bang!! Ghpage.com has obtained some new photos of the lady putting her goods on display and it must be confessed she was carefully created.

Check Out the photos below

Akua Kyeremanteng, Ebony Reigns lookalike

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Akua Kyeremanteng, Ebony Reigns lookalike
Akua Kyeremanteng, Ebony Reigns lookalike

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Akua Kyeremanteng, Ebony Reigns lookalike
Akua Kyeremanteng, Ebony Reigns lookalike

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Now, do you really believe she resembles Ebony Reigns as many people have stated? Share your opinion in the comment section

credit: ghanapage


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